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1990 • Bugatti Type « Baby » - Reproduction SOLD

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Lot number452

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Originally designed by Ettore Bugatti for his son Roland, the Bugatti Type “Baby” was a ½ scale reduction of the Bugatti 35 Grand Prix. Faced with the enthusiasm generated by the brand's customers, the “Patron” decided to put this luxurious toy into production. Thus, it was at the 1927 Milan Motor Show that it was officially presented. Powered by a 12V electric motor, equipped with brakes on all 4 wheels and dressed in an aluminum body, the Baby could reach between 15 and 18 km / h and was intended for children between 6 and 8 years old. The 122 cm wheelbase of the first models was increased by 10 cm in a second time for a question of habitability.
Like all Bugatti production, the low number of units built at the time (we are talking about less than 500 units for the Baby) prompted collectors and specialized companies very early on to produce reproductions, to image of this one, with a wheelbase of 131cm, which the current owner bought in 1990 from a company in the Netherlands which has long since disappeared. The manufacturer is not known and no cold stamped serial number on the sheet metal forming the backrest or on the firewall was noted. No document accompanies this toy.


The body is made of aluminum. The blue paint is overall in good condition except for a few chips and a scratch on the Bordino point (photo 034). The 5 rims are in cast aluminum, as in the beginning, and fitted with tires that have hardly been used, but dry and cracked. The hood with louvers is removable and secured with leather straps as it should be. Superficial traces of oxidation are observed on the front axle and the front spring leaves (photo 013).


The apprentice pilot, when he climbs aboard, is greeted by a seat covered with brown leather. In front of him, he finds the traditional corked aluminum dashboard, the steel steering wheel and the drive control. Under his right hand, outside the body, falls the brake control lever.


Mechanically complete and functional according to its owner, this pretty Baby will see its battery replaced for sale. The electrical harness appears to be in good condition. Just like the original versions, the steering box is screwed, the 4 brakes are controlled by cables and the front axle takes the shape of the famous forged and polished part that we found on the Type 35, considered by many like a work of art on its own.

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