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1992 • Porsche 911 (964) Roadster America UNSOLD

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Lot number478

Seller PAM

Private seller

Languages FR

Location of the lot L'Isle Adam (95), France

Bullet point Extremely rare limited series

and also 'Matching numbers' with known history

Serial numberWPOCB2966NS460947

Engine capacity3600 cc

Number of cylinders6

Transmission Manual

Number of gears 5

Estimate €90,000 - 110,000



The Porsche 911 'Typ 964', a new version of the legendary 911, was presented in 1988. From the start, the customer was entitled to a 3.6-liter 250 hp engine, still air-cooled. Then, he can choose between 2 and 4 wheel drive and between three bodies: coupe, Targa and convertible. The Turbo arrived in 1990 ... but the range is still not complete. In Europe we will find Carrera RS, Speedster, Anniversary. The North American market will be entitled to 'its' exclusive Porsche 964: the America Roadster, which appeared in 1992 and is limited to 250 units. The name is not chosen at random since it commemorates the 21 Porsche 356s of the same name built at the request of the importer Max Hoffmann just 40 years earlier. If the latter is unknown, yet it is she who will inspire the legendary Speedster. Coming back to this special 964, it should be noted that it is the only Porsche 911 to be called Roadster. It should also be noted that its silhouette is known in Europe since it was sold there, with a few details, under the name of Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo Look. The car therefore takes many elements from the Turbo: its chassis and its tracks are widened, the gears are necessarily adapted while the spoiler has disappeared. The car is fitted with 17 "rims. On the other hand, under the back cover, it is indeed the 250 hp engine of the Carrera 2 that we find. under the name of Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo Look. The car therefore takes many elements from the Turbo: its chassis and tracks are wider, the suspension has been adapted and the spoiler has disappeared. The car is fitted with 17" wheels. However, under the rear bonnet, the 250 bhp engine of the Carrera 2 is still there.
The history of the model offered - extremely rare in Europe - is complete and known in particular thanks to the American Carfax system which mentions sales, mileage and the various technical inspections (photos 069 à 073). It thus attests to a purchase in September 1992, then to the existence of three other owners, all in California, from 1995 to June 2016, the date of its acquisition by the seller. The car is equipped with a tracker with an up-to-date subscription and an alarm. The tool kit, complete, original, is present, like the maintenance book, and all the invoices since 2016. The last technical inspection dates from November 2020, it is valid for two years. Finally, our America Roadster had the honor of an article in RS Magazine (photos 066 à 068).


The black that suits her is the color she wore when it left the factory. If some paint work may have been done before 2016 and its purchase by its current owner, they were well done with a constant thickness of paint throughout the car. Above all, they were not due to any shock. Some small defects, in particular on the front bumper or the engine cover, should be noted (photos 025, 027 et 028). The protections placed in front of the rear wheels show cracks but remain intact (photos 024 et 026). The Roadster monogram, specific to this limited series, is present.
The soft top and its flexible rear window benefit from a frame redone in 2018.
The car is based on 17 "Cup-type alloy wheels fitted with Hankook tires showing 20% ​​wear. The spare wheel is equipped in the same way.


The America Roadster still has its original leather interior, in a light brown / beige color. All the instruments on the large dashboard are working. The counters are logically in miles. The odometer displays 92,380 miles (148,671 km), of which 13,000 (20,921 km) are with the current owner. The upper part of the dashboard does not seem to have suffered, something not so obvious on Californian Porsches. Behind the electrically controlled seats, there are not two additional seats but carpeted spaces designed to accommodate some additional luggage.
On the equipment side, there is air conditioning, a stereo hi-fi system and central locking.


The 3.6-liter, 250-hp engine is 'matching numbers' and mated to its manual 5-speed gearbox. In 2016, the current owner had a complete overhaul including the clutch, timing and engine sealing. The last maintenance dates from the end of 2020. The list of works includes the oil change with replacement of the oil filter, the replacement of the brake fluid and of the brake assist pressure accumulator, the checking of the lighting and the various vehicle components.
On this occasion, the technical control was passed revealing only minor concerns: the orientation of one of the front fog lights and the protection of the front shock absorbers.

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