leBolide 2020 Contest

The leBolide 2020 contest is over

You've been waiting for them. As promised, here are the answers to the 29 questions of the leBolide 2020 contest and the names of our five winners.
We organised this competition to try to sensibly occupy the period of lockdown caused by the damn Covid-19 virus, with the aim of increasing our notoriety. Goal achieved! A few thousand of you took part and subscribed to our newsletter. We have also received many compliments about the questions asked: varied, funny, interesting, surprising, intelligent..., we are blushing! The scores range from 6 to 29/29. Whatever your score, we hope you had a good time with us and perhaps learned something in the process. Now that things are getting serious and the auctions have started on leBolide, we would of course be delighted if you thought of us when selling or buying a car 😊
Thank you all and congratulations to the winners!

First prize 10 000 euros to be used on a purchase to be made on leBolide
Winner :
Jeremy Barré, Asnières-sur-Seine
Score : 29/29
Reply form sent at 12h04’28’’ on the 06/06/2020 « I had a lot of fun participating and learned a lot in the process »
Second prize 5 000 euros to be used on a purchase to be made on leBolide
Winner :
Thomas Kuhn, Epinal
Score : 29/29
Reply form sent at 20h21’45’’ on the 06/06/2020 « With my best wishes for a successful first auction round on leBolide.com »
Third prize 3 000 euros to be used on a purchase to be made on leBolide
Winner :
Ludovic Ropars, Houilles
Score : 29/29
Reply form sent at 22h15’52’’ on the 06/06/2020 « The whole family answered the questions and we spent quite a bit of time on some of them »
Fourth prize 1 000 euros to be used on a purchase to be made on leBolide
Winner :
Bruno Poulain, Sainte Nathalene
Score : 28/29
Reply form sent at 12h04’41’’ on the 06/06/2020 « I wish the best to your project and thank you again for the very well-done contest »
Fifth prize 1 000 euros to be used on a purchase to be made on leBolide
Winner :
Barbara Mathé, Gonesse
Score : 28/29
Reply form sent at 12h07’22’’ on the 06/06/2020 « The car of my dreams is a Mini cabriolet Arc de Triomphe »
Question N°1

We'd be happy to put them all up for sale on leBolide! It is said that the real museum of the automobile is the road. The participants of a rally get ready here to start from a nice sunny square. Where are they?

1. Dubrovnik
2. Monte Carlo
3. Palermo
4. San Marino

Question N°2

William 'Bill' Motta was for many years the art director of the American magazine Road & Track. However, he was above all an artist. This large painting shows the reflection of an MG TC in the door of a red convertible. Identify its make and model.

1. Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS cabriolet
2. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 spyder
3. Jaguar E-Type roadster
4. Maserati Ghibli spyder

Question N°3

This Porsche Carrera S is part of the illustrious 911 series. This lineage should have been called 901, but a manufacturer had registered the three-digit series with a zero in the middle and asserted its rights. Who was this manufacturer?

1. BMW
2. Ferrari
3. Mercedes-Benz
4. Peugeot

Question N°4

Ford had developed the GT40 to beat Ferrari in endurance events. A film has recently retraced this successful epic from 1966. The n° 1 on this photo, exhibited at Pebble Beach, is the winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1967. But what does the '40' mean in GT40?

1. The unit engine displacement in cubic inches
2. The internal code number assigned to the project
3. The height of the car in inches
4. None of the above

Question N°5

Here are two beautiful grand touring cars. If you add up the numbers included in the names of these models, what total do you get?

1. 370
2. 390
3. 395
4. 400

Question N°6

In 1899, driven by the Belgian Camille Jenatzy, it was the first car to officially reach 100 km/hour. And it was electric! Exhibited in the Musée de Compiègne, what is its name?

1. La Jamais Contente
2. La Sans Pareil
3. La Torpille
4. L’Obus

Question N°7

Giorgetto Giugiaro was named 'Designer of the Century' in 1999. He started his practice before computer-aided design and drew by hand, using mostly a ruler kit. Here he poses in his personal museum in front of one of his works. What name did he give to this model?

1. Asso di Picche
2. Boomerang
3. Iguana
4. Tapiro

Question N°8

We open the bonnet and show you an engine! This one, unusual in its configuration, equips a car of the 30's very ahead of its time. Who was its creator?

1. Marc Birkigt
2. Hans Ledwinka
3. Preston Tucker
4. Ferdinand Porsche

Question N°9

Luxury houses have often taken an interest in cars. In the beginning, they were the ones who fitted the bodywork with trunks. Here, the Enjoy from Pininfarina revives this tradition. But with which house?

1. Gucci
2. Hermès
3. Louis Vuitton
4. Ralph Lauren

Question N°10

He is a little bit like the Bugatti of the motorbike and, being an artist at heart, could not imagine that an ugly-looking piece could fulfil its role. The music of his two-stroke two-cylinder engine from the fifties remains unequalled! What is his name?

1. Alberto Garelli
2. Giuseppe Gilera
3. Carlo Guzzi
4. Donnino Rumi

Question N°11

This Bentley finished 4th in the first 24 Heures du Mans in 1923. The brand won the event no less than five times between 1924 and 1930. In the list below, which year did Bentley not win?

1. 1926
2. 1927
3. 1928
4. 1929

Question N°12

Ferrari did not deny the clientele of the royal families. To whom did this sublime cabriolet with coachwork by Pinin Farina belong?

1. King Leopold III of Belgium
2. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
3. Prince Bertil of Sweden
4. Emperor Bao-Dai

Question N°13

Karl Abarth, born in Austria but naturalized Italian and renamed Carlo, will leave as a legacy a line of high-performance cars, most often based on small or medium sized Fiat or Simca engines. However, it was the manufacture of accessories that allowed him for a long time to satisfy his passion for racing. What was his specialty?

1. Odometers and tachometers
2. Alloy wheels
3. Exhaust systems
4. Steering wheels

Question N°14

A look at a dashboard like they don't do any more... Which brand is equipped with this jewel?

1. Amilcar
2. Bugatti
3. Chenard et Walcker
4. Rallye

Question N°15

“Do you mean they actually get paid for doing that ?”

We are halfway through the contest, so here is a moment to relax. More than one cartoonist has been inspired by cars. Who is the author of this drawing?

1. Russell Brockbank
2. Stan Mott
3. Ingram Pinn
4. Howard Shoemaker

Question N°16

In 1988, a group of young enthusiasts reintroduced concours d'élégance in the Paris region. Where did this event take place?

1. Parc de Bagatelle
2. Jardin du Luxembourg
3. Jardin des Tuileries
4. Bois de Vincennes

Question N°17

The Jeep developed for the US Army is an all-terrain vehicle whose name origin remains a mystery. Some refer to the English pronunciation of GP (for General Purpose), others to the initials of Just Enough Essential Parts. In any case, in order to obtain a sufficient number of machines, the construction was attributed to several manufacturers. In the list below, which one was not part of them?

1. Bantam
2. Ford
3. Dodge
4. Willys

Question N°18

The P4/5 project commissioned by Jim Glickenhaus was carried out by the newly created 'Special Projects' department at Pininfarina. The basis was a Ferrari, but which model?

1. Enzo
2. F40
3. F50
4. None of these models

Question N°19

This Miura in the limelight at Pebble Beach is the Miura from the movie ‘The Italian Job’ - not the one that crashed inside the tunnel and is pushed into a ravine, but the one that climbs the pass before entering the tunnel (these are two different cars!). Question: what is this pass?

1. Futa pass
2. Grand-Saint-Bernard pass
3. Mont Cenis pass
4. Stelvio pass

Question N°20

Let's stick to movies. Hollywood had a love affair with the automobile! Which famous actor owned this Jaguar XK-SS now kept in the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles?

1. James Coburn
2. Clark Gable
3. Steve McQueen
4. Paul Newman

Question N°21

What could these two round objects behind this German sportscar's radiator be?

1. Energy recuperators
2. Electric motors
3. Brakes
4. None of the above!

Question N°22

The McLaren F1 is the last production car, limited production of course, but still, to have won the overall 24 Heures du Mans classification. Who is the engineer responsible for the project?

1. John Barnard
2. Gordon Murray
3. Adrian Newey
4. Harvey Postlethwaite

Question N°23

Can an automobile be considered a work of art? Opinions differ. The most reticent argue that an object with a practical function, however beautiful it may be, falls outside the scope of art. The Futurists, however, had declared the automobile 'more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace'! Some modern art museums have opened their doors to it. Which museum has included this Lotus 25 in its collections?

1. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
2. Tate Modern, London
3. Moderna Museet, Stockholm
4. Museum of Modern Art, New York

Question N°24

This beautiful American car, here awarded at the Meadow Brook concours, had joined the portfolio of brands belonging to an important industrial group a hundred years ago. Among those mentioned below, which one was not part of it?

1. Auburn
2. Cord
3. Duesenberg
4. Packard

Question N°25

The Italians call ‘mascherone’ the wooden skeleton on which the panel beaters adjusted the metal to form the different parts of a body. Just like the 'solitary' cars -because they were unique- that resulted, these rare objects are now sought after. Pininfarina has created some that are true sculptures. Which model was born on this one?

1. Ferrari 512 S
2. Ferrari Modulo
3. Ferrari P5
4. Ferrari P6

Question N°26

Microcars are now highly collectable! What is the make of this one, photographed at the late Schloss Bensberg Classics while being examined by an attentive jury?

1. Bond
2. Fuldamobil
3. Peel
4. Scootacar

Question N°27

Taken during a concours at Schloss Dyck, this photo illustrates the driver Jochen Mass at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL roadster first owned by a great German champion who raced for the brand. Who was he?

1. Manfred von Brauchitsch
2. Rudolf Caracciola
3. Hans Herrmann
4. Karl Kling

Question N°28

Colin Chapman, the brilliant engineer who founded Lotus, kept saying 'Simplify, then add lightness'. This 'special', as the British love them, rose to the challenge. Based on an Elite with some of its elements incorporated, it is indeed even lighter. What is the brand?

1. Fairthorpe
2. Fisher
3. Ginetta
4. Turner

Question N°29

We'll soon know the winner of the leBolide 2020 contest, just as the guests at the Peninsula Classics Best of the Best Award, awarded each year to a car that has won Best of Show in one of the world's leading concours, will discover the car still hiding under its cover before it is unveiled. What is its brand?

1. Alfa Romeo
2. Bugatti
3. Maserati
4. Talbot-Lago