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1978 • Triumph Dolomite Sprint

"Triumph Dolomite Sprint: 1st in the 2L Group 1 class - French Circuit Championship 1976". This was Triumph's way of promoting the sporty version of its top-of-the-range saloon in France. Presented at the London Motor Show in October 1971, the Dolomite offered a high level of equipment and respectable performance for its category, but not enough to compete with its direct rival, the BMW 2002....

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1970 • Porsche 911 2.2E Coupé

In September 1969, while Gérard Larousse and Maurice Gélin were celebrating their victory in the Tour de France Automobile aboard a Porsche 911 R, the Stuttgart firm presented a new evolution of its unmistakable 911, which had been powered by a 6-cylinder 2-litre engine since the beginning. The new "C" series is characterized by a displacement increased to 2.2 litres thanks to an...

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1959 • Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato - prototype 00001

The Giulietta is an emblematic Alfa Romeo model that has been declined in all body styles. In turn coupe, saloon and spider, its sporty character reached its peak with the Sprint versions, culminating in the examples bodied by Zagato. After a few special orders placed with "Zagatino", as Enzo Ferrari liked to call him, as early as 1956, and known under the name of Sprint Veloce Zagato (SVZ),...

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1990 • Bugatti Type « Baby » - Reproduction

Originally designed by Ettore Bugatti for his son Roland, the Bugatti Type “Baby” was a ½ scale reduction of the Bugatti 35 Grand Prix. Faced with the enthusiasm generated by the brand's customers, the “Patron” decided to put this luxurious toy into production. Thus, it was at the 1927 Milan Motor Show that it was officially presented. Powered by a 12V electric motor, equipped with...

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1976 • Autobianchi 500 Giardiniera

The Fiat 500 Giardiniera, the family version of the Nuova Cinquecento presented in 1960, was branded with the Autobianchi logo from 1966. At first it was marketed in parallel by the two brands, but from 1968 onwards Autobianchi was the only one that remained. Apart from the manufacturer's badge, the only notable difference was that the rear windows are hinged rather than sliding. Its design was...

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2011 • Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

Ever since the Fiat 500 was launched in 1957, Abarth has been producing sporty variants of the car affectionately known as the 'Bambino'. Re-launched in 2008, the 500 with the scorpion emblem is back on the road. The sporty, affordable and versatile compact segment is hotly contested with a multitude of models on offer, but the Abarth 500 stands out from its rivals because of its inimitable size,...

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1970 • Ford Escort Mexico

Introduced in the last days of 1967, the Escort was of particular importance to the newly formed "Ford of Europe", which brought together the German and British subsidiaries of the firm into a single structure. Thus, for the first time in its history on the Old Continent, Ford offered an identical model in the UK as elsewhere. Much more ambitious than the Anglia, which it succeeded in the UK, the...

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1963 • Buick Skylark 2-door convertible

First introduced in 1953 as a special version of the Roadmaster, the Skylark name remained in the Buick catalogue until 1997. However, in its early years, the name was only used for derivatives of existing models and it was not until 1962 that the first full-fledged Skylark appeared. Considered a compact car in the North American market, the car took on a different identity on European roads, as...

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1967 • Ford Mustang 289 ci Cabriolet

With the launch of the Mustang in April 1964, Ford anticipated the need of a whole section of American customers for a relatively spacious and compact car, while being less expensive than the Thunderbird. The new car was based on the Falcon's platform, according to a design by Lee Iacocca, Ford's second in command at the time. The styling department chose Joe Oros' design. The result was an...

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1972 • Triumph TR6

Presented at the beginning of 1969, the TR6 is in all respects the culmination of a lineage. Starting with the TR4, which had appeared eight years earlier, the Coventry-based company had constantly evolved the concept of the "Triumph Roadster" with several significant changes, such as the adoption of an independent rear axle in 1965 or, on the TR5 of 1967, the introduction of a 2.5 litre in-line...

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1992 • Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2

It was in 1988 that Porsche introduced the 964, descendant of the venerable 911 Carrera 3.2. The fruit of 15 years of development, the newcomer is part of the aesthetic tradition of previous generations and it is on the technical side that we must look for the many innovations, like the all-wheel drive, a first for the 911 The chassis has been completely redesigned, ABS, power steering and airbag...

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1981 • Porsche 924 Turbo

The Porsche 924 was originally the result of a collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen, aimed at the production of a sports coupe accessible to the general public. It was finally Porsche which completed its development, after having bought the part of Volkswagen's work, and in 1975 gave birth to a new generation of front-engine cars, breaking with the technical solutions hitherto adopted by...

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2005 • Porsche 911 (997) Carrera

Appeared in 2004 to succeed the type 996, the 997 represents the sixth generation of the Porsche 911. Over its eight-year career, it has enjoyed considerable commercial success because the balance between comfort and performance reaches new heights. The whole under a line which seems classic - which it is -, but optimized in particular at the level of aerodynamics: the Cx, coefficient of drag,...

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2007 • Porsche 911 (997) Turbo coupé

The change in continuity: this could have been the title of the specifications given to the designers of the 911 Typ 997, launched in the summer of 2004 and which, quite logically, took over from the 996. Seven years earlier, this the latter had marked its time by making substantial changes to the basic concept of the 911: first generation with a water-cooled engine, it was also distinguished by...

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1968 • Autobianchi 500 Giardiniera

In 1966, production of the Fiat 500 Giardiniera started, a wagon version of the Nuova Cinquecento presented in 1960 with which it shares its 499.5 cc flat-twin, was transferred to Desio, site of the Autobianchi factory. From 1968 it was marketed only under the name of the eponymous manufacturer, jointly owned since 1955 by the Bianchi family, Fiat and Pirelli. Characterized by its reverse-opening...

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1966 • Fiat Nuova 500 F

The Fiat 500 is one of the few cars that has marked the history of the popular automobile. Designed in 1957 by Dante Giacosa to succeed the 500 "Topolino" and become the younger sister of the 600, it was called the Nuova 500 to distinguish it from its ancestor. During its long career - which has endedd, in this form, in 1975, but will know several later generations - the Cinquecento has conquered...

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1971 • Citroën SM

In 1968, Citroën took control of Maserati. The Modenese pharmacy is a thousand miles from the culture of the herringbone firm, but at that time, the latter's design office had been working for several years on a “super DS” project. The idea is to develop a grand touring automobile by making more ambitious use of Quai de Javel's expertise in ground connections. The takeover of Maserati is...

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1982 • Citroën 2 CV Charleston

Started in 1935, the TPV (très petite voiture) project resulted in the presentation of a first prototype in 1937. It was not until 11 more years that the first 2CV marketed at the 1948 Paris Motor Show was unveiled. The one that would quickly become the "deuche" has been very successful throughout a career which ended in 1990. While it has benefited from many developments over the years - for...

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1967 • Fiat 500 F

The Fiat 500 is the symbol of the popular Italian car, along with the Citroën 2CV for France, the Mini for Great Britain and the VW Beetle for Germany. Although its ancestor, born before the Second World War, was better known under the nickname "Topolino" (little mouse and Italian name of Mickey Mouse), the "Cinquecento" designed by Dante Giacosa and presented in 1957 was baptized Nuova (new )...

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1974 • Volkswagen Porsche 914-4

The Volkswagen Porsche 914 is the result of an agreement made in the course of the sixties between the two German manufacturers. Porsche has just launched its 911 model, the high price of which has caused the brand to lose some of its customers. Volkswagen dreamed of a small sporty model that is both fast and agile to succeed the Karmann Ghia and it has the means to invest, which is not the case...

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1962 • Jaguar E-Type Series 1

On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961, the new Jaguar Type E was the star and unleashed both the press and the enthusiastic public. Indeed, its low and racy line incorporates a hood of an unusual length while its chassis, derived from the competition, accommodates the brilliant 3.8-liter XK engine. In the best tradition of the Coventry brand, this model offered as a coupe or...

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1967 • Fiat 500

Affectionately known as the Yoghurt Pot, the Fiat Nuova 500 was presented in Turin in July 1957. It was the successor to the famous 500 Topolino and was aimed primarily at attracting scooterists. After a somewhat difficult start (the first version offered only two seats and a very weak engine), this little Italian car was to enjoy great success through various series, with almost 3.4 million...

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1968 • Jaguar XKE

Jaguar was founded in the 1930s, launched by William Lyons as SS Cars Ltd. The company adopted the name Jaguar after the war to 'avoid any unfortunate confusion with a foreign brand'. The E-Type coupe was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961 and was a spectacular success. Its lines, directly inspired by the Malcolm Sayer-designed Jaguar D that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times,...

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1969 • Renault 8 Gordini

The Renault 8 Gordini (R1134) was presented at the Paris Motor Show in September 1964. A sporty version of the Régie's 4-door saloon, it offered excellent performance thanks in particular to the work carried out by Amédée Gordini on the 4-cylinder engine, increasing its capacity to 1108 cm3 and fitting it with a hemispherical cylinder head to obtain 77 bhp. It was an immediate success,...

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2003 • Volkswagen Coccinelle 1600

We are talking about a legend, unique in the history of the automobile. Born shortly before the war, on the principles of Ferdinand Porsche and following the design of the stylist Erwin Komenda, the car that owes its common name to its beetle shape (Beetle in English, Coccinelle in France) is known to everyone, everywhere in the world. During its career, of an exceptional longevity, the Beetle...

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1966 • Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop Coupe

The Ford Fairlane, launched in the United States in 1955, was produced until 1970 and went through seven generations. At that time, the habit of American car manufacturers was to change, more or less profoundly, the exterior style every two or three years. The proposed Fairlane 500 Hardtop Coupe is a fifth generation (1966-1967) two-door, pillarless, four/five-seat coupe and represents the top of...

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2016 • Caterham Super Seven 620R

Caterham is the small British manufacturer that has been producing the Seven since 1973, having taken over from Colin Chapman, the brilliant creator of Lotus, who launched the model in 1957. The Seven has since become a cult car. The most powerful version of the range is the Super Seven 620R of which this is one of the few imported into France. The 620R is not registered, but could be the subject...

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1997 • BMW Z3

At the end of the 1980s, Mazda launched the Miata. The MX-5 was the first car to compete with the British sports cabriolets, which until then had been the masters of the genre. An adventure previously attempted by the audacious BMW Z1, whose distribution remained confidential. In 1995, BMW presented its response to its Japanese competitor: the Z3. The roadster is more conventional than its...

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1962 • Austin Mini Countryman

A few months after the appearance of the revolutionary Mini in 1959, Austin presented the Countryman, a utility version with a slightly longer wheelbase. It was designed for both professional and family use, and retained a bourgeois look, thanks to the wooden inserts that elegantly adorned the rear section.
The car on offer dates from 1962 and is therefore a Mark I version, identifiable in...

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1957 • Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI

‘Blood doesn't lie...’
Before the war, Alfa Romeo was a brand that catered to the sporting elite with its 6C and 8C, boasting numerous victories on the track and in road races. After the war, the brand, queen of the racetrack, rebuilt itself brilliantly, winning the first two Formula 1 world championships in 1950 and 1951. Taking advantage of this image, Alfa Romeo launched the...

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2017 • Honda Civic Type R

The Civic is an iconic Honda model that has been on the road since 1972. It has held a prominent place in the global automotive landscape for almost 50 years. Originally a city car, the little Honda is now in its tenth generation and has continued to gain in power to offer racy models for thrill-seekers like this Type R GT. It holds the Nürburgring lap record for a front wheel drive car. The car...

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